Cultura y política en el mundo contemporáneo

Postimperialismo - Gustavo Lins Ribeiro - Gedisa
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The transnationalised world requires new political practices by aware of the characteristics of contemporary actors. In Postimperialismo identifying current trends in the global system driven communication technologies, such as the creation of a virtual transnational imagined community, intersects the discussion on the transformations of national identities in ethnographic specific circumstances. Gustavo Lins Ribeiro inquires with the rigor of anthropological research the situation of Brazilian migrants in California, the workers of the great works or ethnic segmentation in the World Bank. Without fear the use of theoretical imagination, Postimperialismo is in the Latin American critical tradition, facing current dialogues with postcolonialism and multiculturalism understood as specific discourses. From this clear positioning, the book proposes as urgent task of Latin American more


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Book: Postimperialismo

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