Una historia de la música en 24 diálogos

Preludios - Santiago Miralles - Turner
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What did Mozart and Da Ponte talk about while composing? What bitter words were said Verdi and the Duke of Rivas in front of the Teatro Real de Madrid on the eve of the premiere La forza del destino? Why did you stop sharing room Musorsgky and Rimsky-Korsakov? Was Haendel envious of Bach, or was he afraid, or was he just too lazy to receive him, and that's why they never even got to say hello? How did Liszt take Berlioz's criticisms? What did Schubert say, a little drunk, on the day of Beethoven's funeral?

The answers to these questions ... we do not have them with certainty. But the author of this book has imagined them helped by the letters, the biographies, the testimonies of the time and the work of the composers and artists who star in this book. With true admiration and affection towards his characters, good narrative pulse, sense of humor and attention to detail, more


Book: Preludios

ISBN: 9788475064536