Problemas fundamentales de la filosofía

Problemas fundamentales de la filosofía - Georg Simmel - Prometeo
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Tapa Blanda

At the end of fundamental problems of philosophy, the reader may wonder whether the problems that Simmel develops throughout the book belong to the field of philosophy, whether they are fundamental problems of philosophy, or whether philosophy has no other foundation than this limited set of problems that instituting and marking it. Would there be philosophy without these problems? Are these problems (The Being and the Becoming, the Time, Life and Death, the Subject and the Object, the world, the essence and appearance, the truth) resolute? Or, in any case, didn't every historical era find a unique way to raise them and try to solve them? Simmel, as you can imagine, does not propose, by dismantling different answers that were given to it, leaving them behind, as if they belonged to a bygone era, the time of metaphysics. But by raising them and showing their congenital irresolution, more



Book: Problemas fundamentales de la filosofía

ISBN: 9789875740600