Proyectar la vida

El desafío de los mayores

Proyectar la vida - Ricardo Iacub - Manantial
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"I live a year every birthday, how am not going to celebrate, how I'm going to take the age when every year I lived a year and on, and on race." Lincovsky-Prince, Argentina actress "The reality is that the creative process and be constantly busy is what gives you vitality." Hugo Meyer, Mexican photographer "Desire [sexual] is the same but the yield is higher, therefore the pleasure you get is more expanded, more exquisite." Ivan Tubau, Spanish journalist Today's society shows us a new look at the ages of life and particularly on older adults. This book condenses the multiple scenarios of a reality that is modified and requires different approaches and perspectives for understanding. Analyzes new ways in which it is socially represented older, and how they deal with new spaces, roles and attitudes that until a few decades ago seemed inadequate. This transformation of everyday life is more

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Book: Proyectar la vida

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