Pruebas de imprenta

Estudios sobre la cultura editorial del libro en la España moderna y contemporánea

Pruebas de imprenta - Gabriel Sánchez Espinosa - Ibero Vervuert
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Ibero Vervuert
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The purpose of the essay collection. Studies on the editorial culture of the book in modern and contemporary Spain are bringing together some of the leading British and Spanish specialists in the different periods of the history of the Hispanic printing, from the Renaissance to the Transition, with a view to propose a dialogue in around the (dis-) continuities of the material product that has been and is the book in the field of forces imposed by the axes of the development of technology, and of the social, cultural and aesthetic. The different articles run, according to their approach and convenience, by some or some of the main analytical, descriptive, historical and sociological aspects of the Anglo-Saxon current whose formulations are known as material bibliography or Analitical bibliography.


Book: Pruebas de imprenta

ISBN: 9788484897637