Psicoanálisis de una niña pequeña

Psicoanálisis de una niña pequeña - D.W. Winnicott - Editorial Gedisa
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Editorial Gedisa
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D. W. Winnicott wrote a few years before his death in 1971, this intimate and fascinating paper on the treatment of a two year old girl nicknamed The Piggle. This book is composed of the protocols of such treatment, which lasted just over three years, and notes and comments Winnicott himself. For a complete picture of their work, the author has added extracts that will send the parents of the girl. accordingly, the reader has the rare opportunity to have all the elements involved in psychoanalytic treatment and can also access the intimacy of the meeting room to study the work of the therapist and patient. One of the main merits of this Psychoanalysis of a little girl is that there is a cumbersome and heavy book but rather a vivid document of two people who work and play with intensity and intelligence with a refreshing and healthy purpose


Book: Psicoanálisis de una niña pequeña

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