Psicoanálisis y pediatría

Psicoanálisis y pediatría - Françoise Dolto - Siglo XXI Editores
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Sensitizing non-experienced readers in the dimension of the unconscious on children's developmental problems - somatic, character, affective or intellectual problems - is the object of this work that has already become classic. Psychoanalysis and pediatrics first presents a deliberately simplified exposition of the Freudian theory, followed by a clinical report of 16 cases of children who were treated with psychotherapy in a general hospital: sessions that will make clear to the reader the articulation of practice and theory. Pediatricians and educators will find here the relevant explanations about those disorders that do not know how often to remedy. In addition, the parents themselves, who have forgotten all or almost everything about their own childhood and who are often frightened by psychoanalysis, will rediscover with this reading that world that has become fatally unknown to more



Book: Psicoanálisis y pediatría

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