Qué es usted, profesor Foucault?

Sobre la arqueología y su método

Qué es usted, profesor Foucault? - Michel Foucault - Siglo XXI Editores
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Siglo XXI Editores
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"What are you, Professor Foucault?" This question, which runs through the texts of this volume, makes one think of several more or less frequent labels: the structuralist Foucault, the radical anti-humanist who postulates the death of man and the disappearance of the author; the historian, philosopher, archaeologist ...

Foucault's own response is oriented towards the "hard core" of his work. Throughout these chapters, he explains the methodology of his investigative gaze and provides tools to think about progressive politics, or understand what the human sciences are and what their history is, how they were established and to what extent they feed the illusion that they say something about man and that they seek his happiness.

In this way, his method, archeology, appears as the way to analyze the emergence of a certain discipline (what objects does he build, what concept...read more


Book: Qué es usted, profesor Foucault?

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