Qué hacen los docentes de excelencia?

Claves para la formación humanista en la Universidad

Qué hacen los docentes de excelencia? - Hilda Patiño - Ibero
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Deciphering the keys of the humanistic formation in the university, through the careful study of the teaching practices of those teachers of excellence committed to achieve an integral human formation in their students, is one of the main purposes of this work. The author gives us an interesting narrative about the way in which excellent teachers have overcome various obstacles and resistance, as well as the compilation of some of the most successful teaching strategies that can be adapted by any teacher. Beyond this, the book offers a reflection on the reasons that inspire these teachers to persevere in their work, the spirit that animates them and the extraordinary fruits that they have collected over time and that enrich their work in a sense that goes beyond the classroom: towards life itself. Knowing what these teachers do, the way they work on the topics, what they think about t...read more


Book: Qué hacen los docentes de excelencia?

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