¿Qué hacer?

Diálogo sobre el comunismo, el capitalismo y el futuro de la democracia

¿Qué hacer? - Alain Badiou - Edhasa
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In 1902 Lenin published one of his key texts: What to do? Today, when they are about to turn 100 years after the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917, and when the fall of the Berlin Wall is part of history, that invocation resonates again. Liberal democracy is questioned by the voracity of capitalism; politics seems to have exhausted its ability to conduct history and is at the mercy of finance and economics; forms of representation have become obsolete and citizens feel that their demands are lost in the passages of a system that turns their backs on them. Totalitarian movements have lost all legitimacy, of course; the problem is that democracy as we know it seems besieged by the same risk.

So Lenin's question, under very different conditions, is current again. In this volume, Alain Badiou and Marcel Gauchet, that is, an advocate of communism and an advocate of liberal democracy, d...read more


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Book: ¿Qué hacer?

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