¿Quién dijo totalitarismo?

Cinco intervenciones sobre el (mal)uso de una noción

¿Quién dijo totalitarismo? - Slavoj Žižek - Pre-Textos
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"Totalitarianism" is-what has been forever ideological precise role of the strategic role of ensuring the hegemony of demoliberalismo and the need for their inclusion. Any attempt to undermine cross the established order is denounced as an ethically and politically unacceptable risk, given the possibility of a resurrection of the totalitarian ghost. Far from being thus a genuine theoretical concept, the category of totalitarianism operates as an effective subterfuge intended to inhibit the development of radical criticism and effectively overcoming the dominant liberalism, as evidenced, for example, the impasse in which attempts are trapped reflective as promising as those of Derrida and Levinas, with which the author keeps a copy philosophical dialogue. In their hard work, I continued with the convulsive rigor that characterizes, to rethink the conditions of a radical political actio...read more



Book: ¿Quién dijo totalitarismo?

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