Quien habla?

Lucha contra la esclavitud del alma en los call centers

Quien habla? -  AA.VV. - Tinta Limón
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Tinta Limón
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Soft cover

Who speaks? It is a product of the meeting of people and groups with the common decision to question the ways of life that have been put to work in call centers: what happens there? What is sold, what is bought? What complaint is do you attend? New modes of work, exploitation, struggle, sociability. What ages, what experiences, what subjectivities, what communication management?

The struggles are an infinite laboratory. New questions are always prepared there. What are we going to tolerate and what not? and how will we do it this time? Authentic questions, because they tend to go further. Bring all dialogue to a point where it is no longer really a question of what is being answered. Questions become vital when they manage to connect with other questions: question everything, in discussion, avoiding the easy answer. Work intelligence arises from discomfort; it is another intell...read more


Book: Quien habla?

ISBN: 9789872314020