Reconversión sustentable de edificios

Reconversión sustentable de edificios - Gerardo Velázquez Flores - Ibero
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The opportunity to transform our cities is in the real estate park that, counting on a good structural condition, could be reconverted in a sustainable manner. The idea is to make them work in harmony with the climate, taking into account the sun and wind for the benefit of the spaces and their users; which in the long run would contribute to the reduction of expenses in services, such as electricity, water and gas. Thanks to technology and electricity, man has transformed his space by making it more and more comfortable, but at the expense of the environment; Our apathy, ignorance and even arrogance is destroying the planet. This is reflected in many buildings that have been built in large cities without taking into account the problems that eventually generate: pollution, noise, waste, traffic. This book is the result of the work done in the M16 building, which was intervened more


Book: Reconversión sustentable de edificios

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