Relatos clínicos

Relatos clínicos - Sigmund Freud - Siruela
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Surprising stories rescued from Sigmund Freud's psychoanalytic theory that, as Juan José Millás points out in his foreword, "have a narrative efficacy that had remained hidden until the present edition".

Freud was not only one of the greatest explorers of the human mind, but also an excellent prose writer with a vast humanistic culture. Nowhere are these two facets better reflected than in their legendary clinical cases, whose structure, according to novelist John Updike, "has an architectural elegance that equals that of the best writers of his time."
This book, in the care of the psychoanalyst Isabel Menéndez, presents from a literary point of view twenty of these cases, extraordinary narrations that reflect the most important themes in the Freudian search. The first part gathers brief and dazzling stories about cases of suggestion and hypnosis, culled from his great more


Book: Relatos clínicos

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