Salvador Contreras

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Salvador Contreras - Aurelio Tello - Otras editoriales
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Otras editoriales
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"Born in Cuerámaro, Guanajuato, on November 10, 1910 ... he is, above all, a figure for the rescue, a composer whose work remains largely archived, a creator who hopes, like many others, for the passage of time and history to That his music be duly valued ... ". With these words Aurelio Tello, author of this book to Salvador Contreras, disciple of Revueltas, Huízar and Chávez, and author of "a wide and solid, intimate and emotional work, deeply national, with a great margin of expressive possibilities that go From simple songs to orchestral grandiloquence. " Violinist of the Contreras Quartet and the National Symphony Orchestra, Contreras also held various administrative and artistic positions within INBA and was a founding member of the Group of Four. Until the publication of this book, what is known and more



Book: Salvador Contreras

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