Se hace terruño al andar

Las luchas en defensa del territorio

Se hace terruño al andar -  AA.VV. - Itaca
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In the third millennium the women and men of the countryside continue to fight for land as they have done the last five hundred years. Thus, during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the people of the countryside struggled in different ways by land and freedom. And in that they continue. Only today the most visible combat is defensive and is fought in the so-called territories: disputed spaces where indigenous and mestizo communities try to preserve their heritage and life, threatened by greedy corporations. It is as if five centuries later the looting initiated in the Conquest and continued in the Colony was revived. But now the plunder is no longer the work of encomenderos, hacendados and finqueros but of the big companies and their accomplices in the government.


Book: Se hace terruño al andar

ISBN: 9786072804982