Sebastian o el dominio de las pasiones

Sebastian o el dominio de las pasiones - Lawrence Durrell - Edhasa
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"The prince was disgusted. In an outburburr he had decided to return to Egypt with Affad, whom he severely called to order by hber succumbed, as he said, to the "craving" to fall in love with Constance..." In this fourth novel of the so-called "Quintet of Avignon", Lawrence Durrell transports us back to Egypt, to the narrative adventure of the group of young people we already know of Monsieur, Livia or Constance. News of Affad's next death has caused a big fuss in the gnostic sect. Before traveling to Egypt, ask Constance to use her skills to heal her autistic son. Their relationship continues, though now under the threat of death over Constance de Mnemidis... Through a wonderful game of reference to other novels, stories within the story and choral narrative structure, Durrell again excels in the creation of the geographical environment, in the mythification of an exotic place more



Book: Sebastian o el dominio de las pasiones

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