Sembré nísperos en la tumba de mi padre

Sembré nísperos en la tumba de mi padre - Johanna Barraza Tafur - Llantén
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"The poems of Johanna Barraza Tafur are forceful and calculated like the ax blows that Jack Nicholson gives to a door in the movie The Shining. Unlike that bombastic, baroque and exuberant poetry that is so practiced in youth, Johanna, in this his first collection of poems, assumes a laconic and neat writing. I suppose that this posture and that linguistic register are related to the violence, rudeness and horror of his environment. Focused on the figure of his murdered father and his family environment, this book It reads like an elegy, but an elegy that transcends the author's private world and ends up portraying a community that fights every day against inequality, the guerrillas and drug trafficking ”.

Frank baez

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Book: Sembré nísperos en la tumba de mi padre

ISBN: 9789878629612