Las semióticas de los géneros, de los estilos, de la transposición

Semióticas - Oscar Steimberg - Eterna Cadencia
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Eterna Cadencia
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This volume brings together a series of works ranging from the eighties to the present, including the texts that formed Semiotics of the media (1993), a classic of popular genres and their passage to the mass media. But the proposed system is not chronological but thematic or reading inputs. In the first part the general aspects of the development of semiotic studies related to the mass media, gender theory, differences between gender and style and the problem of transposition (the passage of works by different languages ​​or media) arise ; while in the other three develop and deepen various aspects of the social production of meaning related to the daily information processing and the pursuit of aesthetic experience.



Book: Semióticas

ISBN: 9789871673834