Senderos del inconsciente

Hoja de ruta de un psicoanalista

Senderos del inconsciente - Ricardo Velasco Rojas - Paradiso Editores
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Paradiso Editores
Year of publication: 
Tapa Blanda

This book emphasizes the importance that when someone is touched by psychoanalysis begins a long walk that will last forever, and that little by little this journey becomes a lifestyle, so that the existence itself turns largely into to become a "being-for-the unconscious", which translates into a daily fascination to enter and exit its paths, bifurcations and labyrinths. Being an analyst is above all an act of gratitude for a method that has been incorporated through one's own experience of being in analysis, of sharing it with colleagues and of apprehending psychoanalytic texts that are nothing more than testimonies of those who were passionate in their own trips with the unconscious, from Freud to contemporaries.




Book: Senderos del inconsciente

ISBN: 9786079671549