Ser persona

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Ser persona -  AA.VV. - ibero
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Tapa Blanda

The concern that unifies the texts gathered in this work is about the meaning of being and becoming a person. These reflections are the result of the common effort of a group of professors-researchers from the different campuses of the Universidad Iberoamericana that make up the Jesuit University System in Mexico. It can be assumed that our humanity is given to us in a biological way, by the fact of belonging to the Horno sapiens species, but this is not enough to be people with human capacities: love, create, reflect, contribute to the construction of a more just world , etc. Being a person is a reality that is built thanks to the interaction with others and, above all, thanks to education that, as a defaulter act, is aimed at humanizing us beyond the mere biological dimension. The work Being a person Different perspectives present the most important aspects for the analysis of this more


Book: Ser persona

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