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Sexualidad -  AA.VV. - Itaca
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Tapa Blanda

In modernity, conceptions of the body and its processes are linked to the rise of individualism, the emergence of anti-essentialist thinking, and the advance of secularization. Biology has knowledge about the body, anthropology exhibits an interpretation of the symbolizations assigned to it, and psychoanalysis seeks an explanation of what human beings feel and imagine. The four texts presented are in dialogue with each other and offer different and complementary perspectives on the great dilemma of sexual difference, both biological, cultural and psychological. Reflection on the body is paradigmatic of modernity, of a biology fascinated by the advances in medical research, of an anthropology obsessed by the multiple ways in which human beings give meaning to material facts, and of a non-stop psychoanalysis to insist that in addition to social reality there is a reality.

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Book: Sexualidad

ISBN: 9786070265402