Si mi biblioteca ardiera esta noche

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Si mi biblioteca ardiera esta noche - Aldous Huxley - Edhasa
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When in 1947 Aldous Huxley wrote the article that gives title to this volume he could not even imagine that fifteen years later his library in Los Angeles would really be a blaze, but this is a coincidence and an anticipation very typical of the author of works such as "A happy world" and "The island". To plan and analyze problems that were only beginning to be glimpsed, in addition to a particularly sharp style and a very rigorous thought, is one of the hallmarks of Huxley, of whom essays on topics as diverse and suggestive as the "Too many books" meet here. , "Sincerity in art", "The best sellers", "The dissemination of mediocre art" or the possibilities of "Drugs that mold the minds of men".
A good dose of quintessential Huxley that demonstrates the absolute validity of one of the great writers of the twentieth century.


Book: Si mi biblioteca ardiera esta noche

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