Sigmund Freud, partes de la guerra

El psicoanálisis y sus pasiones

Sigmund Freud, partes de la guerra - John Forrester - Editorial Gedisa
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What mysteries are hidden in Freud's relationship with his friend and disciple Ferenczi, his wife and his daughter? What was the meaning of Freud's collection of enigmatic ancient statuettes? What really happened in therapy with the famous "Wolf Man"? Do they effectively explain Freud's dreams of his own experiences, or are they rather inventions? Why have Freud's life and work fascinated his followers so much and caused so much malevolent mistrust among his enemies? Forrester, an excellent specialist in Freud, displays with great objectivity the merits and dilemmas of psychoanalysis and allows to understand the controversies about the meaning of this discipline more own and more characteristic of the contemporary era. "The great merit of this book is that it takes Freud and his critics seriously.

The author rigorously addresses the limitations of classical psychoanalysis more

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Book: Sigmund Freud, partes de la guerra

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