Silvestre Revueltas Musik für Bühne und Film

Silvestre Revueltas Musik für Bühne und Film - Antonia Teibler-Vondrak - Otras editoriales
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Otras editoriales
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German language
Publisher: Böhlau (Cologne, Germany)

Silvestre Revueltas (1899-1949) is one of the most important composers of the early twentieth century in Mexico, whose musical creations had a great impact on the musical identity of that country. Its musical language, which is highly complex thanks to the synthesis of advanced techniques of composition with expressive forms of this country, is a living witness of the political, social and cultural currents that flooded Mexico at the beginning of the last century. This book is the first scientific publication in German on the composer, consists of an introductory biography and a general review of the composer's work, including his lesser known works in the field of music for theater and cinema, covering From the earliest times of color cinema to the "golden age" of Mexican cinema.



Book: Silvestre Revueltas Musik für Bühne und Film

ISBN: 2600000000091