Sin paraíso fuimos

Sin paraíso fuimos - Amelia Rosselli - Sexto Piso
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Sexto Piso
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Tapa Blanda

Without Paradise We Went is Amelia Rosselli's most mature book, in which her desire for experimentation and her knowledge of the classics reach a perfect balance. Rewriting of all the Italian lyric, and especially of the Songbook of Petrarch, is a dialogue between two lovers condemned to despair, madness, anguish and death, although it is about despair and the anguish of their own language, until taking it out of itself, until creating a new prosody and making it a participant in other music, composed of lightness and pathos. A verbal river that is interrupted and then returns to its course, until it forms an amputated and wounded totality: love in the 20th century.

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Book: Sin paraíso fuimos

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