Small is beautiful

Cómo nuestros impuestos contribuyen a la destrucción social y ambiental

Small is beautiful - Steven Gorelick - Catarata
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Small is beautiful was first published in 1998. More than twenty years later, it remains a text of full force, which has proven itself capable of anticipating many of the debates that would eventually be placed in the eye of the hurricane. With great precision and lucidity, Steven Gorelick gathers here a series of reflections, backed by numerous examples and data, demonstrating the great reliance of large companies on tax, labor and environmental subsidies, aid and exemptions, without which global mega-corporations would not be competitive or efficient, and the dangerous social, economic and environmental destruction caused by these companies. Do we know how our taxes are used to boost economic concentration in large multinationals? Are we aware of how this affects the local economic fabric, employment and use of natural resources? We are in time to question the presumption that "the more


Book: Small is beautiful

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