Sociología  - Joseph H.  Fichter - Herder
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In a progressive and changing society like ours, it should emphasize the basic principles of the science of sociology, the starting point for unraveling the complexities of modern society as a whole. This explains the wide dissemination of the Sociology of JH Fichter, because of its backbone, has achieved in many countries. Multiple Spanish-language editions have become a prestigious classic. The first part of the book begins with the most basic unit of society, the social person, and then spreads to human communities and groups to reach the wider community, global society. The second part begins with the essential cultural components, the combination of patterns and the roles and rules of conduct, up to mass culture. The third part analyzes how society and culture, and their components, are inevitably intertwined in the sociocultural system. Thus sociology, and systematic treatise more


Book: Sociología 

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