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A classic of 20th-century literature, Solaris is, along with Daily Stars, Stanislaw Lem's masterpiece. Not only because of imagination and exquisite prose, but because he achieves what every great writer pursues: to create a world of his own, with his laws, his logic and his natural plausibility.

The book chronicles the experiences of psychologist Kris Kelvin, sent to clarify the detours of conduct of the crew of the only station on a planet called Solaris. He soon discovers that the situation is critical. One of the crew members committed suicide shortly before his arrival; the other two navigate between terror and suspicion. But that's not all. Because Kris has his own visitor: his already dead wife appears next to him when he wakes up. And what in principle seems part of a dream or a ghost, over the days becomes a real being. It is not an isolated case: other visitors more



Book: Solaris

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