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The main purpose of this wide selection of the poetic work of Pierre de Ronsard, which includes the first forty sonnets of the First Book of Loves, a bouquet of poems from that same book and some more taken from other poetry books, is, as his translator, María Teresa Gallego, that the reader who does not know French falls as much in love as possible with her verses, transmitting an echo, albeit imperfect, of the poet.

The work of Ronsard, the most famous poet of the La Pleiade group, is a significant sample of Renaissance poetics that no reader should be deprived of reading in Spanish. In this edition we offer the opportunity to discover this poetry, simple at first glance, like the rose, but complex and beautiful for those who know how to capture the complicated work that hides behind this apparent simplicity.

The book also publishes an annex, in a bilingual edition by more


Book: Sonetos

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