Sueños árticos

Un mundo fascinante, peligroso y casi desconocido

Sueños árticos - Barry Lopez - Capitán Swing
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Capitán Swing
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Tapa Blanda

Lopez's journey through the frozen world is a celebration of the Arctic in all its forms. A dazzling hostile landscape of ice that is home to millions of animals and people; scenario of mass migrations by land, sea and air; and the setting for epic exploratory journeys. Arctic Dreams is not only the story of an unforgettable journey, where the dangers and beauties of the Arctic shake hands, but also a thorough examination of the peoples, fauna and flora that inhabit a still little-known place. The exciting vision it offers us from the masses of ice, noisy and silent at a time, of the secrets of the ocean, of celestial landscapes and of wildlife is hardly to beat. Lopez also tells us the lives of the Eskimo natives; mass migrations of fish, marine mammals and birds; the history of ice and monolithic cliffs capable of destroying ships; and expeditions of Irish monks, Elizabethan more


Book: Sueños árticos

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