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(Super)héroes - Boris Cyrulnik - Editorial Gedisa
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Editorial Gedisa
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«My heroes live in a world of wonderful and terrifying stories. My heroes are made of my own blood, we go through the same tests: abandonment, the malevolence of human beings and the injustice of societies. His epics told me that it was possible to rise above the tragic moments or a miserable life. When they tell us of their misfortunes that have triumphed, our heroes show us the way. "-Boris Cyrulnik Tarzan, Marco, Batman, Oliver Twist, Rintintin, Wonder Woman, Spiderman or Superman are some favorite superheroes. They have suffered and faced adversity, they have fallen and they have risen again, they have resurfaced from painful situations and traumatic episodes with a courage that guides us to face our own difficulties. But in certain social conditions we also choose heroes who pervert, become sowers of hatred and fan the worst of the human being; they become links to channel resent...read more


Book: (Super)héroes

ISBN: 9788416572816
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