Surcar el mar sin que el cielo lo sepa

Lecciones sobre el cambio terapéutico y las lógicas no ordinaria

Surcar el mar sin que el cielo lo sepa - Giorgio Nardone - Herder
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For human beings, to contradict a rule, not exception. How many times our emotions drive us to do something that is inconsistent with our usual way of acting?_x000D_
With the publication more than 20 years of The art of change, Giorgio Nardone introduced paradox, contradiction-belief and non-regular logics-like elements to select the most appropriate strategy in solving pathologies such individual, group or business.

Nardone part of what he calls "operational awareness" is through the solution as it comes to knowledge of a problem. sail the seas without the sky know is an essential work, the starting point for any operational and theoretical development in the field of strategic brief therapy


Book: Surcar el mar sin que el cielo lo sepa

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