Tarantela - Abril Castillo - Antílope
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Tarantela is a galaxy-shaped novel: the center of gravity is a file that carefully records the last days of Jano's life, hospitalized for ingesting rat poison. The narrator remembers the death of her uncle, which occurred when she was little, and discovers that the recent history of her family revolves around that event wrapped in mystery and pain, that the individual destinies of both her and her brother. , they follow the steps of a curse that precedes them.

When is our personal history inseparable from the history of our family? In Tarantela, the narrator undertakes a search through the genealogical constellations, to reinterpret them and try to reconstruct the links that unite her with the people she loves most. While the poison stains the melancholic flows of this book, Abril Castillo looks for the antidote in the brotherhood and in the writing.


Book: Tarantela

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