Apariencia y verdad

Televisión: - Gustavo Bueno - Editorial Gedisa
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Editorial Gedisa
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As were all previous experiences with light and shadows - torches, mirrors, dark cameras, cameras or film cameras - television, the most surprising technological invention of all centuries, is also a spontaneous source of original determinations of the Ideas of Appearance and Truth.
This work is a first essay of general analysis of the Ideas of Appearance and Truth as they "make their way" on the television screen. Anyone who has a "non-infantile" approach to television, whether as a spectator, actor, producer or political programmer, and believes that he can critically distinguish appearances and truths on the screen, will also have his "television philosophy", implied in immersed in their own experience, although often poorly organized and poorly represented. Gustavo Bueno takes this experience of worldly philosophy very seriously, since philosophical ideas always come from more


Book: Televisión:

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