Teoría de la regulación del afecto

Un modelo clínico

Teoría de la regulación del afecto - Daniel Hill - Eleftheria
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The theory of the regulation of affection, the science of how humans regulate their emotions, is at the root of all psychotherapies. Based on attachment, developmental trauma, implicit processes and neurobiology, the leading theorists from Allan Schore to Daniel Stern have argued how and why regulated affection is key to our optimal functioning. This book translates the complexities of theory into a compelling clinical synthesis. Clearly and practically, Hill decodes the massive body of contemporary research on the regulation of affection, offering an understandable and ready model to implement and carry out affection regulation therapy. The book is organized around the four domains of a clinical model: a theory of the physical mind; a theory of the optimal development of the regulation of affection in relationships of safe attachment; a theory of pathogenesis, in which the regulation...read more



Book: Teoría de la regulación del afecto

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