Topografía del mundo social

Teoría y práctica de la investigación mediante encuestas

Topografía del mundo social -  AA.VV. - Editorial Gedisa
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The survey has become a common technique for gathering information and opinions from individuals, organizations and groups. This guide introduces the reader systematically into the process of preparing investigations through surveys, dealing with the following aspects: the role of theory; the planning and design of projects; the pilot work; access to respondents; the related ethical aspects; the sampling methods; the preparation of questionnaires; the interview; the use of computer programs; the processing of the answers; the statistical methods of data analysis, and the presentation of the results obtained.
Unlike other texts that insist on the complications and difficulties associated with conducting social surveys, this book deliberately adopts an approach based on easy strategies and practical recommendations. Written in a clear and direct style, each chapter begins with a more


Book: Topografía del mundo social

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