Transgenicos: el haz y el envés

Una perspectiva crítica

Transgenicos: el haz y el envés -  AA.VV. - Catarata
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Tapa Blanda

Are living beings like mechanical devices that it is lawful to manipulate without limit? Should a handful of chemical transnationals, converted to life sciences companies, control the satisfaction of human needs as basic as health and food? Is hunger a technical problem that can be addressed through transgenic harvests? Is it advisable to grant exclusive industrial property rights ? patents? about living things and vital processes? These substantive issues assault us as we reflect on new biotechnologies. Its massive application to agriculture in recent years has given rise to a very lively debate around the world. 2004 marks the tenth anniversary of the commercialization of the first transgenic crop (in the US): it can be a good time to remember the path taken, evaluate what happened and reflect on what steps we should take next. This book which in a way complements and completes To more


Book: Transgenicos: el haz y el envés

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