Travesías brasileño-lusitanas

Travesías brasileño-lusitanas - Francisco Cervantes - Calygramma
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In 2015 we commemorate the tenth anniversary of the writer of Queretaro, with the reissue of Brazilian-Portuguese Travesías. The texts that make up the book were originally published in the Sábado cultural supplement, under the direction of Fernando Benítez, of the unomásuno newspaper, where Francisco Cervantes collaborated from 1986 to 1987. Later, in 1989, the author gathered and ordered a selection of his I work to edit the book that we now know. Read Brazilian-Portuguese Traversies allows us to glimpse the obsessions and anxieties of Francisco Cervantes, our last romantic poet, who at a time when the media was enough with the epistle and the postal mail, did not skimp on encouraging our attention to the knowledge of a culture that deserved him rapture and sleeplessness. The actuality of his words demonstrates the closeness he always had with poets, painters, musicians and more



Book: Travesías brasileño-lusitanas

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