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Karen Villeda's Three is an intimate album that collects images that, in one way or another, respond to forms of transgression. This triptych links figures close to the avant-garde in its broadest sense, that is, those forms of art that establish critical interventions to be placed against petrified traditions or postures. Thus, linking personal meditation with literary interpretation, this book of essays establishes a meaningful dialogue between the surrealist stories of Leonora Carrington, the programmatic feminism of Virginia Woolf and the ultraist experiments of Guillermo de Torre. The reflections of Villeda have the traces of a gender perspective, but also a strong affection for the aesthetic appearance that each work possesses. This allows him to illuminate not-so-illuminated areas of the artists he examines: Carrington's anti-sentimental writing projected as a deformity of the more




Book: Tres

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