Un buen encaje en los ecosistemas

Un buen encaje en los ecosistemas - Jorge Riechmann - Catarata
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Tapa Blanda

We need tools to understand reality and tools to transform it. In 2006 we published Biomesis, a work in which Jorge Riechmann proposed an assortment of both types of intellectual tools; now, when ecological-social contradictions have become more widened, we offer the reader this revised second edition, in which the author delves into his eco-socialist analysis. When our production systems clash against the limits of the planet, we must not continue to push to increase supply supply, but better adapt these human systems to ecosystems (biomesis), achieve greater efficiencies (eco-efficiency) and act on demand with self-containment measures (generalized demand management), all of which requires something like a reconstruction of human sociality. But is that strategy compatible with the capitalist socio-economic order? Everything indicates that... Because how to keep growing if the space ...read more




Book: Un buen encaje en los ecosistemas

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