Un elefante en la escuela

Pibes y maestros del conurbano

Un elefante en la escuela -  AA.VV. - Tinta Limón
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Tinta Limón
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Tapa Blanda

Imagine a wide surface. In it we observe covered and uncovered spaces. Also objects: blackboards, nets, televisions, chalk and markers, basketball rings, kitchen and cleaning objects, chairs, balls. Let's imagine that this surface is covered with boys and girls. Let us finally imagine a special type of philosopher - or here we will call teachers - whose job is to ask ourselves how to actively participate in creating a world around that multiplicity, with which she has decided to get involved.

The Saturday workshop is the name of a multi-year experience in which parents and teachers from the Creciendo Juntos de Moreno school, from the EGB 105 School in Gonzaléz Catán and the Situations Collective participated. The collective authorship that we chose for this book arises from a long and busy conversation that became a working method. A machine of enunciation of problems, sensatio...read more


Book: Un elefante en la escuela

ISBN: 9789872314071