Una historia de la mente

La evolución y el nacimiento de la conciencia

Una historia de la mente - Nicholas Humphrey - Editorial Gedisa
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Editorial Gedisa
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How was the brain water became wine of consciousness? When acquired the material qualities of mind? In this penetrating and informative book, Nicholas Humphrey, internationally renowned experimental psychologist, guides the reader on a journey spanning millions of years, looking for the keys so as evolved consciousness. Story of mind, Humphrey proposed a radical new theory. By exploring the division between sensation and perception, shows how raw feelings are at the center of all conscious states: "I feel, therefore I am". He describes how sensory consciousness-our perception about "how to be ourselves" - may have developed from bodily responses of pain and pleasure of our primitive ancestors. From the "phantom pain" experienced by people who have lost limbs, to the mysterious power of the "vision blind" (unconscious vision), Humphrey leads us was the intimate mechanisms of our mind a...read more


Book: Una historia de la mente

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