Una historia de zozobra y desconcierto

Una historia de zozobra y desconcierto - Leticia Romero - Editorial Gedisa
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Editorial Gedisa
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A history of anxiety and bewilderment. The reception of the first professional writers in Mexico (1867-1910), examines how Mexican literary criticism reacted to a large group of people who made their creative writing public towards the last quarter of the nineteenth century. The reaction of the canon was ambiguous because within the cultural framework that lived, they were not recognized as creative activities or tillers of the public sphere themselves intellectuals, but as domestic natural enclosure and the private sphere.
The book acknowledges that in writing and disseminate written, the protagonists of this new overflowed its symbolic limits. In pursuit of its provocative journey through the legal republic, the author examines the presence of poets, playwrights, storytellers, essayists and journalists in literary associations, in the theaters where they staged their w...read more



Book: Una historia de zozobra y desconcierto

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