Una secreta simetría

Sabina Spielrein entre Freud y Jung

Una secreta simetría - Aldo Carotenuto - Editorial Gedisa
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Editorial Gedisa
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Tapa Blanda

The author of this book discovered a long correspondence between Sabina Spielrein, a member of the first Psychoanalytic Association, and the two figures of that time: Freud and Jung. The letters that for many years both theorists and founders wrote to S.Spielrein highlight the suspicions and grudges that had each other, animadversion not always considered with the delicate position that the corresponding young woman had to hold, debating between affection and hatred, while struggling to maintain her intellectual and personal autonomy. This enlightening correspondence is cut back on the background of the great facts that definitively mark the beginnings of psychoanalysis: the first discords, the rupture with Jung, ostracism in Switzerland and in Vienna, the world of Burgh-lzli, the psychiatric clinic in Zurich, which formed Jung, Binswanger, Abraham and Bleuler, circumstances for which...read more



Book: Una secreta simetría

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