Una visita inesperada en mi familia

Cuento para explicar el cáncer de un ser querido,facilitar su expresión emocional y apoyar a la familia en el proceso

Una visita inesperada en mi familia - Mónica Fraca Villar - Editorial Sentir
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Editorial Sentir
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Victoria, upon returning from vacation with her parents, realizes that something strange is happening to her grandparents. When asked what happens to her friend Marisé hers, she explains that her family has received an unexpected visit. What visit has Victoria's family received? Will Victoria's parents tell her the truth? How will Victoria deal with the situation?

One in three men and one in four women will develop some type of cancer in their lifetime. Probably, for this reason, our children will have direct or indirect contact with the oncological disease throughout their childhood. It is very important that the adults around the child help him to go through this situation in the most natural way possible, so that the experience is not so painful.

The author of this story, Mónica Fraca Villar, is a psychologist, psycho-oncologist, family psychotherapist and an expert i...read more


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Book: Una visita inesperada en mi familia

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