Urbe ludens

Urbe ludens - Angelique Trachana - Trea
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Paraphrasing Huizinga, Homo ludens who devised the ludens city consists of three sketches of the city: the playful city, room to play, to celebrate, to develop imagination and creativity; visionary city, space for fantasy and reverie, the city as a utopian project; City and participatory, responsive space, interactive, spontaneous, informal and alternative. We note the spaces of action, collective manifestations, spontaneous and ephemeral events; how spaces of the community and communication against the strategies of power, the society of the spectacle, the leisure market and mass culture are configured; the 'improper' actions and alternatives that form the fabric of the city playful outside the planning and architectural design. New tools, changes in perception, changes in methodology in the investigation of urban and foster a proactive citizenship today a new framework for action in...read more


Book: Urbe ludens

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