Uxumchik in ajtintal an Pulik Pay'lom

Mujeres que cantan a Papá Dios

Uxumchik in ajtintal an Pulik Pay'lom -  AA.VV. - Inah
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These stories of human events that are not yet history cannot, should not, have a section of conclusions because they are not and will not be concluded. The history of the narrative forms of evangelization presented here is not finished, it is a mere approximation to a particular historical process that does not attempt to historicize facts, dates, events or gather names, but, from the texts and, above all, supported by people immersed in this process, reflects and questions the present and future of the cultural dynamics of contemporary ethnic groups; for this reason, this research is ascribed to the cultural particularity that states that "a proper history is not only necessary to explain the present but also to ground the future" (Bonfil, 2005: 234); a future of liberation, recovery and dignity.
Religious singing among ethnic groups is an important example of the above, since...read more


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Book: Uxumchik in ajtintal an Pulik Pay'lom

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