Valoración económica del patrimonio cultural

Valoración económica del patrimonio cultural - José Ángel Sanz Lara - Trea
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This work is inserted into the analytical field of cultural economics and more specifically in the field of economics of historic heritage, its main objective being to base a proposed methodology for economic valuation of cultural heritage and develop a detailed empirical application in an example emblematic of the historical and cultural heritage of the city of Valladolid, the National Sculpture Museum. To achieve this objective, the contingent valuation method in order to obtain both the direct use value of the museum as the passive use value, using two different surveys, one among the visitors to the museum and another between the citizens of Valladolid is used, respectively. As complementary research objectives, implementation and comparison of three simultaneous statistical methods (non-parametric, parametric and semi-parametric) to obtain the willingness to pay or valuation more


Book: Valoración económica del patrimonio cultural

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