Vicisitudes de la democracia.

Entre el peso del modelo y los limites de la política en Chile

Vicisitudes de la democracia. - Darío Salinas Figueredo - Ibero
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In Latin America it is often stated that Chilean politics is successful, because of the modality of its transition to democracy, economic modernization and its institutional strength. However, a less immediate approach to the processes involved in this experience raises questions that point to the assumptions underlying such claims and the results of politics during dictatorship and transition. This work consists of a set of studies that from different levels converge on the theme of democratization. By bringing to the field of reflection the social and political dimension of democratization, the need for a more comprehensive look is evident that recovers the links between politics and economics; between democracy and equality, between representation and participation, because by revaluing the expressions of politics in Chile, one can see the incubation of a bipolar system of forces more

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Book: Vicisitudes de la democracia.

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